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Aamidaba Buddha Manpower Pvt. Ltd. established in 2001, is a leading overseas employment consultant in Nepal We have been recognized as the premier recruitment agency and have developed excellent working relationship with major international and national companies in the Global worldwide. We entered this trade with the spirit and concept of drawing our share of this manpower export trade in the international market. The company, being fully aware of modern requirement of this trade in the face of international competition, has organized itself with adequate infra-structural facilities to meet such requirements.  The company is very well organized and properly oriented in manpower export trade. Facilities have been very carefully built up and consolidated for mobilization and selection of required manpower of different categories of trades, within the shortest possible time and at the minimum cost. We operate with fully equipped business center with qualified and experienced management team to provide professional, efficient and reliable services to our clients. We pride ourselves on the quality level of services that we provide to both candidates and clients. Human resources, in the world today, have been valued subjected to the adequate skills they acquire. Experts believe that it is the matter of presentation that sells the product not just the quality alone. So we are here to present you to the right job you deserve and want to be. We represent and recruit the human resource to the various reputed company worldwide. We do know WHEN, WHERE and HOW to process you for the desiring job. Rely on us and let us think for you.